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Natrelle® Inspira® implants— our roundest, fullest, and most natural-feeling breast implants

Our 5th generation Natrelle® Inspira® implants feature our highest fill volume for a fuller looking breast and TruForm® gel that offers an exceptionally soft feel while holding its shape over time. With over 240 options available in 5 projections and 3 gels, the look you want is the look you’ll get with Natrelle® Inspira®.

For fullness that lasts

The upper portion (or pole) of breasts can lose fullness and flatten over time. The Natrelle® Collection of round breast implants fill out the existing breasts by adding volume to the upper pole.


Breast implants are normally measured by volume and not cup size. The final volume is determined by combining the base width and height that fits your chest with the profile you desire. Profile, or projection, is the distance your implants will extend forward from your chest wall. Your doctor will help you select the right fit to match your body for breasts that look natural. Ultimately, the size and shape of your breast implants will be as unique as your body.



Every Natrelle® Inspira® implant is surrounded by a 5th genereation breast implant shell, called Intrashiel that is designed to keep the gel inside. This may reduce the risk of some breast implant complications.

Natrelle® Classic Round breast implants

Add fullness to the upper portion of your breasts with the Natrelle® Classic Round gel implants. Available in a variety of options to achieve your desired look.

Why choose silicone over saline?

Silicone breast implants have been available in Canada since 2006 for both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery. They have been used extensively throughout the world and are often preferred over saline-filled implants, as they are thought to look and feel more natural

Over the past years, silicone breast implant technology has evolved to:

  • Hold their shape better over time
  • Provide high satisfaction to both patients and surgeons
  • Have fewer complications—such as rupturing and capsular contracture
  • Provide more implant shapes and sizes

5th generation TruForm® silicone gel—for an exceptionally soft feel and shape that holds

The Natrelle® Collection is filled with TruForm® cohesive silicone gel, which feels more like a soft solid than a liquid.

Only Natrelle® offers you a range of firmness—with 3 different silicone gels. You should consult with your surgeon on which of these gel options may best suit your desired look and feel.

TruForm® 1 Soft The softest gel
TruForm® 2 Slightly firm A slightly firmer gel, offering shape control with natural
movement and feeling
TruForm® 3 Firm The firmest gel for ultimate shape and control
Dark blue Natrelle Certified certification graphic

At Allergan Aesthetics, we put our patients first

Dark blue Natrelle Certified certification graphic

When you partner with us, you partner with a Canadian leader in breast implants & surgery. That’s why we offer automatic enrolment in our Natrelle® ConfidencePlus Warranty Program—at no charge to you. Stay protected with comprehensive coverage, surgical cost assistance, product replacement, and more.


When you partner with Allergan Aesthetics, you partner with a Canadian leader in breast implants & surgery

Thanks to refinements in product design and manufacturing, silicone gel-filled breast implants have evolved substantially. Today's Natrelle® implants include a more cohesive silicone gel and a thicker, yet supple shell with an additional barrier layer that is distinct from earlier breast implant devices — so they feel more like natural breasts.

Today's breast implants in the Natrelle® Collection undergo thorough testing and meet Allergan Aesthetics’ high standards. They are backed by a warranty that reflects our commitment to quality.

Natrelle® silicone gel-filled breast implants are one of the most studied medical devices in existence. There have been many peer-reviewed studies and published reports involving silicone gel-filled breast implants, including robust epidemiological studies supporting their use.

The Natrelle® Collection is the pinnacle of over 45 years' experience in breast implant manufacturing and breast tissue expanders which include the latest technologically advanced generation of breast implants. With continued investment in Research & Development we have amassed more clinical data to support the safety of our products than any other breast implant manufacturer.

Nothing is more important to us than the long-term health and safety of our patients. That’s why breast implants from the Natrelle® Collection undergo a battery of tests to ensure their innovative design meets all relevant national and international quality control standards and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards. From start to finish it can take up to 12 days to manufacture an Allergan implant, which undergoes almost 100 quality control tests, including materials inspection, product inspection, and testing. And you can be assured that Allergan stands behind the quality of every one of the more than three-quarter-million implants and tissue expanders we manufacture and supply annually from our state-of-the-art facility.

Breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery is not without risks and complications. The decision whether or not to have surgery and which procedure is right for you should be discussed with a trained and certified plastic surgeon.

For a full listing of risks and complications, please visit:

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